Giant Treehouses and Social Networks: Welcome to The Invisible City

The Invisible City is a new type of art project; one which is less about the looking and more about the taking part. Though we’ll be honest with you, the pictures of what they want to create are so amazing you’ll want to do a fair amount of looking as well.

The plan is to build a network of giant treehouse pavilions in London’s Regent’s Park this summer. The structures will be open to all and built by many, opening up opportunities for visitors to become participants and celebrating the importance of the urban park as a place where culture, nature and community can meet in an ecologically sound way.

By hacking the connections between nature, social networks and cultural happenings, The Invisible city hopes to demonstrate the amazing way that natural spaces can inspire us to relax within our environment.

The artists behind The Invisible City, Edward Shuster and Claudia Moseley, met up a tree (no, really) while protesting against a planned gas pipeline and living in a self-made treehouse in the Brecon Beacons. So in awe of their surroundings and fascinated by their experience, the couple then travelled the UK exploring more protest sites and observing the incredible structures people had built and which were able to invisibly blend into the surrounding environment.

These inspirations, combined with the success of their critically acclaimed TreeHouse Gallery back in 2009, motivated the couple to develop this new art project, The Invisible City. Comprising 3 giant treehouse pavilions located on the picturesque banks of Regent Park’s boating lake, the structures are designed to host both large audiences and intimate gatherings, supporting almost any kind of event or artform.

Funded entirely through a crowdfunding campaign and inspired by artist Joseph Beuys, The Invisible City is giving the public the opportunity to work as an organic network of collaborators – and make the project entirely their own. By opening the invite to everyone to suggest what should take place in the trees, Claudia and Edward hope to generate a “social organism as a work of art”.

The project already has an exciting programme of collaborative happenings set to take place over the 3 months this summer, with some of the most inspiring artists and organisations getting involved, including Bjork and Martyn Ware.

With the support of the Royal Parks behind them, alongside patrons Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, The Invisible City is set to bring together friends, strangers and communities through the new experiences and perceptions that their collaborations inspire.

Would you like to start a debate about a subject you’re passionate about? Are you a young musician who fancies performing in a giant treehouse? Do you care for children and want to give them a day out that they will never forget? A circus in the trees? An immersive ballet? Seminars with inspirational speakers? Chef’s serving foraged food? Or how about interactive storytellers bringing books to life in the Hive Gallery?

Sound good? If it does The Invisible City needs your support!

Check out The Invisible City’s Kickstarter crowdfunding page to support this project and also find out more about the opportunity to occupy one of their amazing spaces. Though make sure you visit soon – the crowdfunding campaign only runs until March 28th and if the target isn’t reached, the event can’t go ahead.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Invisible City

invisible city

The Invisible City will be a public installation of giant treehouse pavilions in London’s Regent’s Park in the summer of 2014. Help make it happen by supporting their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign:

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