Tiny House, Huge Imagination

If we suggested you should live in an 8 x 20ft box, the light, airy and beautiful space shown above wouldn’t probably be the first thing to spring to mind. Welcome to the Tiny House Movement: where houses are tiny and imaginations are huge.

In pursuit of a simpler life, more time and lower overheads, more and more people are experimenting with this micro-living experiment – with amazing results.

This particular result was created by web designer (turned architect, carpenter and builder) Alek Lisefski in response to his self-imposed challenge to live more simply and reign in the debt.

Aptly named the ‘Tiny Project’, the house that Alex built has wheels and is currently home to himself, his girlfriend and their dog. And it’s not just a holiday gimmick – they live here permanently.

On the reasons why, in case the pictures haven’t convinced you on the spot, Alex says this:

Inhabiting such a small space will force me to live in a simpler, more organized and efficient way. Without room to hoard things and hide away from the world, I’ll be forced to spend more time outdoors, in nature and engaging with my community.

Alex admits that his new lifestyle isn’t without its disadvantages or trade-off’s, but anything he’s had to give up seems, so far, to have been worth it.

He hopes that his new living arrangement will “foster better health and healthy relationships. With no more rent to pay, I’ll save money, allowing for a less hectic work life and more time and funds for health, leisure and travel.”

To give you some content, the typical American home is around 2,600 square feet, where as the average small or ‘tiny house’ tends to be more like 100-400 square feet.

Although at first glance tiny living might look like an exercise in restriction – with possibilities finite and quality of life low, it seems to generally turn out that the opposite is true.

Because you are restricted by space, you have to be that much more creative with how you live – and that much more mindful of the things you choose to make room for.

People let their imaginations run wild, with ingenious and often playful tiny house results.

What would you choose to keep in your tiny house?

Browse the full set of photos for the Tiny Project, and even buy the construction plans, at the Tiny Project website.

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